Grace Ministers' Conference 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that makes planning rather difficult, no on-site conference was planned for January 2021. We are thrilled however that our guest preacher, Rev. Ronald Kalifungwa agreed to record the sessions he was due to give.

The sessions that were covered are essential for the pastors and preachers. The first three deal with faithfulness in the ministry. How many pastors do not feel overwhelmed and discouraged? Some even may feel like quitting the ministry as a result of all the challenges and demands. God calls us to be faithful and to press forward in the work He has given us to do. We are sure that these sessions will be of great encouragement to you.

Then Rev. Kalifungwa dealt finally with the hot topic of the Gospel and social justice. It is important that as pastors we gain a biblical understanding of what God’s Word teaches in this regard so that we remain faithful to our callings as preachers of the gospel.

More than ever the Christian church needs a new generation of men committed to the urgent necessity of preaching God’s Word and who are gifted themselves to preach that word.”

(Ian Hamilton)