We are looking forward to this year's Grace Ministers Conference which will be held in Central Baptist Church (Hill Campus) in Pretoria, Rejoicing in Hope and The Minister’s Personal Holiness will be our themes.

Rejoicing in Hope

  1. Rejoicing in Hope of the Glory of God
  2. Rejoicing in Hope of New Creation

Rejoicing in Hope of the Triumph of the Gospel

There are many reasons for discouragement in Christian life and ministry. The apostle Paul faced more challenges and trials than we will ever know, yet he was sustained by the hope of future glory. He was confident that soon Gospel would triumph, the Lord Jesus would return, and all enemies of Christ would be defeated including the last enemy of death. We will be reflecting on this glorious theme of hope, especially in Paul’s letter to the Romans. As we grasp a clear vision of future glory we find that it transforms our view of our present troubles, and our approach to ministry. In the midst of discouragements we are enabled to rejoice in hope.

The Minister’s Personal Holiness

Romans 13:11-14

1. The beauty of holiness (the holiness of the Lord Jesus)

2. The battle for holiness (mortification and growth in grace)

3. The blessings of holiness (joy of growing Christlikeness and its outcome)

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