The Grace Ministers' Conference



"Preaching is not the performance of an hour; it is the outflow of a life…

The sermon grows because the man grows. The sermon is forceful because the man is forceful.

The sermon is holy because the man is holy.

The sermon is full of the divine anointing because the man is full of the divine anointing.”

(E.M. Bounds)



Pastors and others in spiritual ministry have unique needs as their ministry has its own challenges, difficulties, blessings and, at times, discouragements. The purpose of Grace Ministers’ Conferences is to help to fulfill this need.



What is the Conference?

A three-day conference with powerful and expository preaching from the Word of God by well-known and carefully chosen reformed minsters of the Word. The purpose is to reinforce spiritual truths that made the church of Christ healthy in the past, and at the same time, to present refreshing perspectives on God's Word that are relevant and meaningful for ministry in the 21st century.


Apart from this, there is also stimulated thinking and heart-warming fellowship. Click here to read what some attendees from the past said about this conference.



Who can attend?

This conference is designed for men who are ministers of the Gospel, and theological students who are preparing for ministry. Such brothers are strongly encouraged to bring their wives along so that they, as a couple, can have the privilege to both be spiritually fed and uplifted. Husbands and wives will also have the opportunity to interact and have fellowship with others who are in the same situation and face the same challenges.




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which makes planning difficult, no on-site conference will be held in January 2021.


We are thrilled however, that our guest preacher, Rev. Ronald Kalifungwa has agreed to record the sessions he was due to give. These will be premiered on Wednesday, 6 January on our YouTube and Facebook account and can be accessed at 




Programme and more details

For detailed programme click here



Where is it held?

No live conference will be held in January 2021, but what about inviting other church leaders in your area and coming together as a small group to watch and listen together? 



Is there still a conference held in Cape Town?

Since January 2020 we were not able to hold a conference in Cape Town due to a seemingly declining interest coupled with the high costs involved with the organizing. We may reconsider the Cape Town conference in time to come should we perceive a need for this. Please pray with us about that.



Request to Elders and Deacons

We wish to kindly urge you to budget for and sponsor your pastor and his wife annually for this event. They minister to you on a regular basis all year long – please give them the opportunity to be ministered to, once per year. This will help them to return to their field of labour spiritually refreshed and encouraged.


Commercial companies spend huge amounts of money to train their staff and keep them up to standard in their work. Let us as congregations and theological institutions do something similar on a much smaller scale so that those who minister to and with us, can be more effective in their work, by the grace of God.




Listen on-line for free this time!




No registration needed to listen on-line. Just follow one of the links above.


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Sponsors The Grace Support Fund

There are pastoral and missionary couples who have a need and desire to attend this conference, but cannot afford it. If you, your church or your company wishes to support such a couple, please inform us as soon as possible. Sponsorships will be carefully allocated.