The Grace Ministers' Conference


“The world’s most urgent need is to hear Christ’s message and our most urgent need is to deliver it!”

(Billy Hanks)



Pastoral and other full-time spiritual ministry has its own challenges, difficulties, blessings and, at times, discouragements. As a result, those in this ministry have unique needs. The purpose of Grace Ministers’ Conferences is to help to fulfill this need.


What is the Conference?

A three-day conference with powerful and expository preaching from the Word of God by well-known and carefully chosen reformed minsters of the Word. The purpose is to reinforce spiritual truths that made the church of Christ healthy in the past, and at the same time, to present refreshing perspectives on God's Word that are relevant and meaningful for ministry in the 21st century.


Apart from this, there is also stimulated thinking and heart-warming fellowship. Click here to read what some attendees from the past said about this conference.


Who can attend?

This conference is designed for men who are ministers of the Gospel, and theological students who are preparing for ministry. Such brothers are strongly encouraged to bring their wives along so that they, as a couple, can have the privilege to both be spiritually fed and uplifted. Husbands and wives will also have the opportunity to interact and have fellowship with others who are in the same situation and face the same challenges.



Gauteng 2019: Monday 7 – Wednesday 9 January 2019 - Programme

Cape Town 2019: Wednesday 9 – Friday 11 January 2019 - Programme


Where is it held?

Gauteng: Pure Joy Lodge, Kameeldrift, Pretoria 

Cape Town: Bible Institute of South Africa, Main Road, Kalk Bay.


Request to Elders and Deacons

We wish to kindly urge you to budget for and sponsor your pastor and his wife annually for this event. They minister to you on a regular basis all year long – please give them the opportunity to be ministered to, once per year. This will help them to return to their field of labour spiritually refreshed and encouraged.


Commercial companies spent huge amounts of money to train their staff and keep them up to standard for their work. Let us as congregations and theological institutions do something similar on a much smaller scale so that those who minister to and with us, can be more effective in their work, by the grace of God.



See the Pretoria or Cape Town Conference page for more info.



It is essential to register before the closing date. Please do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as space is limited. Day visitors also have to register. Click here for more details regarding registration.


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Sponsors The Grace Support Fund






"I enjoyed the exposition of the Word which was the main reason for coming. Its subjects assisted me in my thinking as it was emphasized to me that its only Christ alone that has to be preached and there should be no compromise."

"The teachings challenged me and encouraged me to persevere in my ministry as pastor."

"It was good, interactive and very helpful. It was of GREAT encouragement. It gave a fresh and renewed insight into the reality of ministry."