Dr Garry Williams (2016)

Dr Garry Williams serves as the Director of the John Owen Centre for Theological Study at London Theological Seminary, which provides on-going theological teaching for pastors. He is also Visiting Professor of Historical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. His recent publications include 'Silent Witnesses: Lessons on Theology, Life, and the Church from Christians of the Past' and 'His Love Endures For Ever: Reflections on the Love of God'.


He is married to Fiona and they have four children.


Dr Garry Williams spoke on:

  1. The Love of God and the Work of the Pastor

Session 1 - God's knowing love for the pastor and his sheep
Session 2 - God's impassibility and the pastor's passion
Session 3 - Ministering God's beautifying love for the unlovely
Session 4 - The just God and the forgiving pastor