Upcoming Conferences


The organizing committee reluctantly decided to cancel the GMC2021 conference due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. Planning, as you can imagine, is difficult with international travel restrictions, the potential for a secondary wave of infections and a resultant stricter lockdown. We also realize that the pandemic may have impacted your church financially and therefore you may not have the financial means to attend the 2021 conference.  With all this in mind, we thought it would be prudent to cancel the GMC2021.


We are thrilled however that our guest preacher, Rev. Ronald Kalifungwa has agreed to record the sessions he was due to give. These will be premiered on Wednesday, 6th January 2021 on our YouTube and Facebook Account. 


Join us at:








What about inviting some church leaders in your area to come together to watch he sessions? 


The programme is as follows:


09:00-10:00          Faithfulness in prayer

11:00-12:00             Faithfulness in preaching

16:00-17:00            Faithfulness in pastoring

19:00-20:00          The Gospel and Social justice